Sedona, Red Rock Country

On March 9th I set out for Sedona Arizona to check out the famous Red Rock country and relax in the warm weather of that area. First stop was to capture one of the most photographed sites in Sedona, Cathedral Rock, at sunset. We managed to get to a good spot to view and wait for the sunset and it was a great clear sunny day which made things easy to get the shot. I have been here before and experienced better color but all in all it was not a waste of time by any stretch of the imagination.

The next day we tried several different trails, first to Devils Bridge and then to Oak Creek Canyon, both of these were interrupted by Oak Creek which was icy cold and too deep to cross and travel the trails. There were many hikers who tried and failed to make it on the trail so we turned back and looked for any trail which did not need you to cross Oak Creek. We finally managed to try Fay Canyon, while this was a nice hike photographing in a steep canyon does not provide much room to position yourself and get many angles to shoot from so it seemed that you were always looking up at the red cliffs and trying to get across how huge and spectacular they are.

From a photographic perspective it was not anything I would rave about but overall I did enjoy the hiking and the warm weather and hope to go back again to get to Devils Bridge and Oak Creek Canyon.

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