A Recent Trip to the Columbia River Gorge in Oregon

I recently took advantage of a photographic workshop with Matt Kloskowski which did not require travelling very far because it was located in Portland Oregon. I have followed Matt for many years and found him very knowledgeable in Photography, Lightroom and Photoshop and above all a great teacher. The workshop involved a trip to the Columbia River Gorge which is a valley carved out, over millions of years, by the Columbia River and separates the states of Oregon and Washington. This process created an area in Oregon with many waterfalls and lakes and we were going to take advantage and photograph parts of it. The workshop took two days, visiting two of the larger waterfalls, then going to Trillium Lake to photograph Mount Hood at sunset and finished with a visit to the Portland Japanese Gardens. The first destination was the waterfalls, the most popular being Multnomah Falls the tallest waterfall in the state of Oregon:

Multnomah Falls 2

     We then moved on to Latourell Falls →      Latourell Falls 2

From there we went to Trillium Lake to photograph Mount Hood at sunset. It was a clear day with plenty of clouds to make the sky interesting, the only drawback was that the clouds were low and obscured parts of the mountain during the time we were photographing.

Mount Hood at Trillium Lake_

The next morning was spent at the Portland Japanese Gardens which had recently been remodeled and they were spectacular.
Portland Japanese Gardens

The whole experience was very invigorating, first to have an expert to help coach you on the photographic process and second to spend the time out in nature exploring and photographing some of the beautiful places here in Oregon.

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