Welcome to my website!  My motivation in creating this website is to pay tribute and to publicize the wonder and beauty  of this great country of ours. By sharing my photographs of the amazing places I visit in these United States, I am hoping to inspire others to avail themselves of the beauty that is right here in our great country. The more people who experience our beautiful parks and monuments, the more people there will be to help insure the preservation of these incredible places so that our children, grandchildren and generations beyond will be able to experience them far into the future.

Currently our National Parks and Monuments, as well as the State Parks, are being threatened by global warming, big business and our government, mostly for reasons based on greed. Where most of us see the green beauty of nature, they  only see the green of money to line their own pockets. We need to protect these jewels of nature to insure that they are cared for and maintained so that they will be available for years to come.

My aim is to offer my particular photographic perspective of these areas to as many people as I can reach. By sharing my vision of these wondrous sights, I am hoping to create interest and support for the maintenance and protection of these most important national gifts. Thank you and enjoy.