Northern Coast of Oregon

Traveled to Ecola State Park to photograph the Northern Coast of Oregon as it provides a great view of the Coast down to Cannon Beach. It was a sunny day with no rain and had a great view from the park from above on the cliffs in the park.

Ecola State Park

The big disappointment was that you could not get down to the beach as I felt it would be a much more dramatic image. Mud slides had closed the trails down to the beach in the park due to a very rainy winter. Looking North at the coast it may have been a bad time to be down on the beach as it looks like high tide and I may have needed boots for wading in the water.

Ecola State Park Seacoast

I did get down to the beach at Cannon Beach, a very popular summer destination as it is much like the beaches on the East Coast. Their big claim to fame is the huge Sea Stack out in the ocean.

Cannon Beach SeaStack

The boy standing on the beach gives a perfect indication of the size of this monster rock sitting out there. In all my travels on the coast huge rock formations out in the water are commonplace.  I will be continuing my exploration of the Oregon coast and checking out all the variations of rock formations here and maybe check out northern California to see if this phenomenon continues down the west coast.

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