A Return Trip to Bosque del Apache

Since I had a great time and learned a lot about bird photography on my trip to Bosque del Apache, I decided to venture there again in late February (the 25th) for another chance to get more photographs of the birds.  Sunrise was scheduled for 6:37 AM and I arrived at 6:00 AM only to discover that the preserve was absent of photographers and birds. I later discovered that due to a poor corn crop and frozen ponds the birds had left by the early part of January. I was faced with a few scattered ducks and Canadian Geese on the main pond by the Flight Deck. It was a calm day with a nice sunrise and I tried to make the best of the situation taking advantage of the pond reflections.


and the few Canadian Geese that were available.



Went back again at sundown to see if any birds might return to roost for the night but there was really nothing worth photographing. The visitor center indicated that even in a good situation most of the birds would have been gone by mid February. So If you want to have the best experience when Visiting Bosque del Apache first call the refuge at 575-835-1828 to check conditions there and try to go between the beginning of December and mid January.

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