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Shiprock, The Navajo Nation “Winged Rock”

My latest adventure had me going to the New Mexico town of Shiprock, named after an isolated small mountain which rises abruptly on a virtually level plain. This mountain is sacred to the Navajo Nation and is part of their religion and mythology and referred to as the “Winged Rock” (English). I travelled from Santa Fe to Shiprock, starting out at 3:00 AM to arrive at sunrise. Being unfamiliar with the route I was a little late but spent two hours walking around and Photographing this majestic peak. While I did manage to get some decent images, I believe I will be making several more trips to get more striking images. the image below gives you a good view of this sacred rock.



Santa Fe Ski Basin Aspens in Autumn

Over the past several years I have traveled in early October to photograph the Aspens in the Santa Fe Ski Basin. This year, due to a great rainy season, we had the best autumn yet with outstanding color. There were no bare areas and the orange and yellow colors were magnificent. I hiked up one of the trails that had a great overlook and spent about an hour photographing from several spots, below is an example of this years great color. The biggest difficulty is determining when the peak color is and this year I was fortunate because I don’t believe it got any better than this.